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Skin Disease Treatment

Choosing the right skincare regime, diet, and lifestyle ensures glowing skin, reflecting healthy living, a positive outlook, and commitment to skincare.

According to Ayurveda, our skin reflects our body nature. For Vata Prakriti, the skin would be dry and rough, with increased chances of diseases like psoriasis and lichen planus. Therefore, the regime should include oils for daily care. For Pitha Prakriti, the skin would be very sensitive, requiring care with milk, curd, and soothing herbs exclusively. For Kapha Prakriti, there are increased chances of getting acne and itchy, oozy lesions. Therefore, the regimen should include hot and potent herbs to counter these tendencies.

Skin is a seven layer sense organ, but its definition as an outer layer covering the body is often misunderstood. So the treatment should be from internal medicines primarily to external application later which include special herbal face packs to customised skin care according to the nature of skin.

Disease we deal with;

  1. Psoriasis – is a common long term skin condition especially due to unwholesome food pattern. Symptoms vary from simple skin rash to flaking off dead skin or even bleeding.
    Internal purification with medicines along with panchakarma, appropriate diet and modified lifestyle can cure this disease.
  2. Acne – is common among youngsters and even seen in adults. Its the disorder of sebum or oil producing glands being clogged. It is also related to hormone imbalance. Symptoms varies from black head or white head to major Acne Vulagaris/ Acne Conglobata. Proper treatment through Ayurveda can cure this condition.
  3. Allergic disease of skin- allergic disease like Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, Urticaria, Angioedema, Hives etc can be treated with the modalities explained in Samhitas. Proper Ritucarya and Dinacarya can prevent all types of skin diseases.

Skin Disease Through Ayurveda

Correcting the vitiated dosas and increasing the power of Jataragni and Dathwagni with medicine is the primary aim in skin disease treatment.

Shodhana in the form of Vamana Virechana etc are also very helpful in skin diseases. Following seasonal regimes that is ritucarya and daily regimes/ dinacarya will be a contributory factor for easy recovery.

Treatments We Provide

  1. Snehapana- as either Acha snehapana or Vicharana snehapana. Any of Shodhana therapy is done after Acha snehapana. While Vicharana snehapana is giving gritha in small quantity after assessing the agni of the patient.
  2.  Abhyangam- after selecting the appropriate oil considering the dosa predominance, lakshana of disease etc oil is selected.
  3. Thakradhara- usage of medicated buttermilk poured on the diseased body part or entire body. Stubborn psoriasis which has not been completely cured by medication respond to Takradhara very easily.
  4. Tailadhara- pouring of herbal oil with simultaneous massage is a swedana or sudation type of treatment giving good result in skin diseases.
  5. Lepana- Lepana treatment is a proven method for treating all kinds of skin diseases. acts as a body scrub that smoothes your skin, relieves aches, and rejuvenates blood circulation.
  6. Vamana- or therapeutic emesis usually done after snehapana helps to expel the vitiated dosas outside. Immediate relief from the symptoms is seen. Helps to remove the root cause of disease.
  7. Virechana- or therapeutic purgation therapy usually given in Pitta predominant skin diseases.If classical Virechanais performed prior to the administration of the Rasayanaand Shamana drugs, then perhaps the cure rate may also be enhanced as Shodhana has been highly praised in the treatment of Kushtha.
  8. Rakthamoksha- is the best method to purify vitiated rakta (blood). People regularly undergoing Raktamokshana will not be afflicted with skin disorders.  It is the best method for treating skin diseases. Among various methods for bloodletting such as Jalaukavacharana KarmaPrachana Karma,and Siravedhana Karma.

Doctors at Ayurmana, is dedicated to all facets of the largest vital part of your body – your skin. Driven by innovation and rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, we aim to improve overall skin beauty and wellness by utilizing a variety of efficient cosmetic Ayurvedic treatments that ensure visible, spectacular results. We have a team of certified and experienced practitioners specializing in providing exceptional care for all skin, hair, and nail conditions for patients of all ages. Our  can provide you with medical or cosmetic solutions to address your skin concerns. From body detoxification to administering snehana and swedana to panchakarma therapies, we will map out a plan for maintaining healthy and youthful skin tailored to you. Pamper your skin with all-natural therapies and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Schedule an appointment with Ayurmana Ayurveda And Panchakarma  to get the best guidance and treatment solutions for your skin problems.